How to Connect with Prospective Students: Four Simple Ways

BY: Christopher Tashjian September 6, 2016

In the highly competitive world of student prospecting, everyone is looking for an edge―but one of the simplest things you can do is to simply understand what prospective students want, need and expect, and align your ... Read More

[Infographic] 5 Myths About Online Higher Education

BY: Christopher Tashjian August 12, 2016

This infographic depicts 5 myths surrounding online higher education based on the 2016 Online College Students Report. Check out the infographic and then download the entire report. Read More

Graduate Student Marketing Today: Things Have Changed

BY: Carol Aslanian August 10, 2016

The formal inquiry process is dead. Gone are the days of graduate schools “wooing” students over time through mailed information packets and phone calls. Often, the first time a college or university has contact with ... Read More

Online Learning Doesn’t Mean Distance Learning

BY: Christopher Tashjian August 8, 2016

Online learning has become the fastest growing avenue for acquiring a degree, with 2.65 million students studying exclusively online in 2013, and a projected 5 million by 2020. The increase in students pursuing degree programs online ... Read More

Higher Education Marketing Analytics

BY: Sandesh Sadalge August 8, 2016

Sandesh Sadalge: This is the full transcription from the Higher Education Marketing Analytics presentation I gave at CALEM 2016. To watch the video click here.   So, there are five main things we’re going to go ... Read More

The Changing Landscape of Adult Education

BY: Carol Aslanian August 1, 2016

CALEM 2016 brought together higher education leadership to discuss the changing landscape of American higher education. What we learned about the new character and demands of students today led many of us to rethink past ... Read More

Student Prospecting: Quality over Quantity

BY: Christopher Tashjian May 11, 2016

The student prospecting of colleges and universities can be characterized as competitive, traditionally defining success of lead generation campaigns by the number of prospective students they acquire. However, as the profile of the prospective student ... Read More

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